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Family & Friends of Diabetics

This new section is for visitors of the site who have friends, family and people they care about living with Diabetes. Feel free to post your questions here for the Diabetes Forum community. Please do also share your experience and advice about living with Diabetes through others.

Type 2 Diabetes

The Type 2 Diabetes category is intended for discussion specifically for, by and about people with Type 2 Diabetes.


An area of the forum dedicated to the discussion and experience of Prediabetes and Borderline Diabetes.


The Treatment category is for questions and discussion about any kind of treatment/medication for any kind of diabetes.

Diabetes News

Latest News about Diabetes.

Newly Diagnosed

If you are newly diagnosed with diabetes and would like to share your experiences or support with other people that have recently been diagnosed, please use this forum.

Healthy Living

The Healthy Living category is for conversations relating to lifestyle aside from food-related topics (which have a separate category). Topics here include exercise, weight-management, healthy habits in general and healthy attitude maintenance.


This category is for any conversations about diet and nutrition for people with diabetes.

Diabetes Complications and other Conditions

The Diabetes Complications and Other Conditions category is the place to talk about complications resulting from diabetes and also other conditions that are not related to diabetes. Please notice that there are several sub-categories devoted to specific systems that are particularly vulnerable to the affects of diabetes, and use those if/when they apply to the content you would like to read or write.


The Community category is intended as a place to talk about ourselves more personally. Write about your personal experiences with diabetes, share artwork you have created, greet fellow community members and wish one another happy birthday here!

Diabetes and Pregnancy

The Diabetes and Pregnancy category is for discussion for, by and/or about women with any type of diabetes who are, have been or would like to be pregnant. Share your stories, ask questions, discuss the challenges.

Parents of Children with Diabetes

The Parents of Children with Diabetes category is intended for discussion specifically for, by and about parents of children with diabetes.

Diabetes Technology

The Diabetes Technology category is a place to talk about our gadgets! Insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitors, regular glucose monitors, CGM in the cloud, apps, and all the other cool stuff we PWD use to stay healthy.

Mental and Emotional Wellness

The Mental and Emotional Wellness category is for discussions about diabetes-related depression, anxiety, burnout, disordered eating, "diabetes distress", and ways to combat the myriad mental and emotional challenges that can come with having diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes

The Type 1 Diabetes category is intended for discussion specifically for, by and about people with Type 1 Diabetes.

Type 1.5/LADA Diabetes

The Type 1.5/LADA Diabetes category is intended for discussion specifically for, by and about people with Type 1.5/LADA Diabetes.

Diabetes Research/Cure

Discuss all aspects of diabetes research. Post links to diabetes research articles and their findings.

Children & Teens with Diabetes

A special section for children and teenagers. Are you under 18? Head here to chat and meet people your own age!

Diabetes Apps

There are about a million apps for people with diabetes. Discuss them here! Which you have tried, which you use, which you don't use and why not, what apps you would like to create, and more.

Health Care & Insurance

Discuss about your Health Care Insurance plans.

Diabetes Events

List and discuss all diabetes events and post your fundraising efforts, no matter how big or small. If commercial in nature, please contact the moderating team before posting.

The Lounge

Talk about everything and anything; world events, what books you are reading or films you've seen, what the weather was like... it's up to you.

Kify Diabetes Website

The Kify Diabetes Website category is for questions and answers about how this website works, how to use it, and ways in which we might improve it! If you're having any trouble with the site, this category is a good place to start looking for help.