a1 c and kidney function


so after a long time i went for my lab , my choestrol was down to 170 but my A 1 C was same as before at 7.1 and my kidney result was not good

i take 500 mg of metformin twice a day , i refuse to take 1000 mg of metformin twice a day .i have lost some weight but i guess not enough.

i am just venting out here .



Why do you refuse to take 1000 metformin? It helps aid in weight loss on top of better control of your numbers. But hey, if you want to have diabetic retinopathy in your eyes and possibly go blind and keep doing more kidney damage I guess that’s up to you. Maybe you should consider going on insulin injections?

Sorry but it sounds like you don’t want to help yourself. Maybe it’s the nice moodiness we get when our numbers are high (at least I do get moody) but someone needs to shake you back into reality and get you to understand stubbornness has no place in diabetes when it comes to controlling your numbers. This disease can not be controlled by good intentions.