Accu check insight pump


Hi all I had to go and pick something up from my local hospital yesterday and I saw my diabetes team and they said at next clinic we all have a look at the insight pump by accu check was just wondering if anyone would be kind to take a few minutes to tell me about this pump would be a good help and if there are any better pumps out there thanks xxxxxxx
Many thanks


I’ve been using the insight since April 24th this is not my 1st pump, but I’m struggling with some of th things it does, I expect this is my own fault and not the pumps due to being vision impaired.

I really feel they could have made it slightly bigger as it takes 1.6 ml cartridges and not 3ml like my old pump which is one of my problems, and my main pain in the Arse is how slow the handset is, why oh why did they not instigate some of the smartphone technology into making it work quicker as I feel this is a big let down and the quality of screen text not being bold enough.

I’m still learning on this pump and there is a long way to go but compared to my old simple pump it does seem difficult. I won’t give up yet as I’m a devout Accu-check user so time will tell.

My clinic have just sent me info on s 3 day Pump course they are running in August and again in September that they have organised so I’m looking forward to this.