Advice desperately needed


My goodness me I’m terrified and feel like I’ve totally lost control! This is my first pregnancy and was didgnosed with GD at 26wks, I’m now 33 wks. I was managing it ok with just diet alterations but last week things started going haywire so was put on Insulin 3x a day before meals. To be honest things are still irratic and i feel as though the insulin isn’t working. I still can’t manage to eat any carbs (bread, potatoes etc.) without BS shooting up. I was on a measure of 2 insulin but diabetic nurse has told me to put it to 3 and try and eat carbs and she’ll review it in 2 days. Had a weetabix for brekkie as recommended and blood shot from 5.4 to 9.0 2hours after eating. The thing is i’m confused as at first the specialist said aim for premeal reading of under 6 and post meal under 7, now they are saying keep it under 9, can anybody explain what i should be aiming for as i was told that when BS goes over 7 thats when it crosses the placents and affects the baby.

Am now having growth scans weekly last week was the first one. I was told that my baby is heading for the large side it weighs 4lbs 4 oz at the moment, also his/her head and abdomen are measuring large and are ‘borderline’? but the femur length is fine. I am so worried you’ve no idea, i just get told not to worry but know one will explain anything to me. Is my baby getting to big? What does it mean that baby’s head/abdomen is too big and will it even out? If anybody can help with any advice i’d be so grateful, i’m really keen to hear other mum’s experiences as i feel so alone and an emotional wreck, i really don’t think i can cope much longer, nobody at the hospital seems to be interested it explaining anything to me and i keep getting brushed off…nobody can see my anxiety. Please help i’m worried for my baby


Oh you poor thing. The gestational diabetes thing had me in a real tizzy when I first got it and it was not my first baby either, which in itself is new and daunting. Make sure you see the community midwife if she is nice, as well as the clinic. I find the community midwives make me feel as if I’m going to have a baby and explain everything about that, but the clinic makes me feel like a medical problem!

I was on insulin during my last pregnancy, and the clinic told me the baby was big one week, and small the next and had me in constant confusion as to what blood sugar levels were OK. In the end I had a tiny baby (just 6lb 6 compared to the previous ones which were over 8lb) and he was fine. The diabetes is such a nuisence, but when you hold your baby in your arms for the first time and gaze into its eyes, it will all be worth it - every last second of stress and worry, not to mention all those needles.

It is normal to have some fluctuation in blood sugar results - there are just too many things which affect it to take everything into consideration - exercise, stress, food, illness to mention just a few.

Ultrasounds are not always accurate, so try not to let them worry you too much. Babies have growth spurts before they are born just like they do afterwards, and do not follow the nice even lines of the charts. It is only if baby is consistently getting much bigger than average that you need to worry.

If you keep a good food diary, that helps. 2 units per meal isn’t a lot - that used to lower my blood sugar about 1mmol at most.

Carbs are not good, no matter what the dietician/clinic say - salad, omlette, fried breakfast, meat and veg is good. I often have loads of cauliflower instead of pasta or potatoes. It is so difficult, as you have try to achieve instant control, and you don’t have the time to experiment a bit in a relaxed way.

The book which has helped me most is a tiny book, a “Collins Gem” carb counter, which details the amount of carbohydrates in food. If you look on ebay for “carb counter” it is only a couple of quid or so, or it is available from amazon etc.