Anyone else, insulin, skipping meals


I find when I skip a meal like lunch I have a harder time controlling my numbers. I think it’s because if I skip a meal I typically don’t take lunchtime insulin which sets off the levels and really messes with my numbers. Just wondering if anyone else has this issue?

If I eat 3 meals a day and take my insulin 3 times a day I have control of my numbers.


I try very hard not to skip a meal sometimes I have had to have a light snack. Skipping meals is depriving the body of essential nutrients. It cause weight gain, belly fat. When you skip meals your body thinks…“I better store this she may not eat next time” so there you have the fat

I eat my big meal at lunch that way I can kinda work it off and I have my protein smoothie for supper. You have to find what works best for you.

I keep such a tight control (which I can because I live alone) that if I don’t eat I am in low blood sugar…pronto.

I say “Nix” to skipping meals