Can stress affect eyesight?


I have had type two diabetes for about nine years. Have diabetic retinopathy. Under a lot of stress lately. Some days when very stressed seem to have flaters in eyes. When not as stressed most of the time no or only one or two floater.


How often do you see a retinal specialist? Mine says if I EVER have floaters to let him know ASAP because usually floaters in diabetics is tiny amount of blood leaking. Especially since you’ve been diagnosed with retinopathy I’d be calling my retina specialist. Better safe than sorry and blind. But that’s just my opinion. The retina specialist generally has better more detailed equipment than your regular eye dr has in office. And I’d say since stress can raise your blood sugar numbers it certainly could mess with your eyesight as well but since you’ve been diagnosed with retinopathy I think a visit with the specialist would definitely be in order.


The serious thing about being diabetic according to my Doctor is that it complicates your body from up to down to your feet. That includes the eyesight.
When your vision starts to feel blurredness, you really have to check it out.
My uncle who was diabetic died blind.
I am not scaring though.