Cutting toenails with numb toes!


Just realised how difficult it can be - after almost chopping the top off 2 toes! Don’t know quite how I managed it as I could see what I was doing, but I’ve cut right down through the quick and now have two very bloody toes.
I think maybe it’s time I spoke to the GP surgery about seeing a chiropodist, it can’t be good to cut your own toes to shreds!


I agree, getting a professional to do it is a good idea, and they can also help monitor your feet for complications. I used to see a podiatrist regularly for my ingrown toenails and she would trim all my toenails for me and do a diabetic foot check every time. Since losing a lot of weight I don’t go anymore because I no longer have pain from my ingrown toenails. She said obesity contributes to that problem - who knew? :slight_smile: Another bonus of losing weight.