Dexcom sensors how long do they last?


If anyone interested how long I’m getting from each Dexcom (£65) sensor,
how does this compare with other users?

Sensor 1 lasted 22 days
Sensor 2 lasted 25 days (skin inflamed)
Sensor 3 lasted 20 days
Sensor 4 lasted 17 days
Sensor 5 lasted 20 days (ripped out, caught on jumper)
Sensor 6 lasted 13 days
Sensor 7 the best 35 days so far (and undelieavably still working) ok spoke to soon it’s now stopped working but I’m happy with 35 days.


The most I have had is 47 days
average is 5 weeks now.
Last sensor I had to remove at 33 days due to an MRI scan. For some reason the staff didn’t want a exploding transmitter in the scanner :eek:
Oh and my sensors come from Animas so £46 each