Diagnosed Type 2 ,trying to reverse it!


Hi there, diagnosed type2 in June of this year, hba1c 67 , cholesterol 6, prescribed Metformin and statins which to date I am reluctant to start taking, I have changed my diet around completely and really want to reverse my diabetes without medication, I have had my 2 sessions with the diabetes team at my clinic and had a one to one with a dietician ,I have told my diabetes nurse about not starting meds just yet, and would like to be tested again 3 months from diagnosis, I am finding all the numbers and percentgages confusing I have a few questions I would like to ask…

1, going by my blood results above are those readings really high ?
2, is it possible I can totally avoid the meds by diet only ?

I have had other major health problems in the past, cancer, brain surgery to remove a benign tumour ,which I had no control over
Just feel i want to control the diabetes myself and will do anything I can in my power to try and reverse it !!!

Thanks for reading .


I’ve been officially diagnosed less than a week so it would be wrong of me to give you any advice as such - I do know there are type 2 sufferers out there who eventually do control their own T2 Diabetes - but usually after a while of being on tablets, monitoring sugar levels etc and also in most instances, these people have lost a fair bit of weight.

With regards to your cholesterol level - they no longer work on a single figure but how that figure is made up through good and bad cholesterol (HDL and LDL and Triglycerides) - my cholesterol was 4.7 - but my triglycerides were horrendous - so ostensibly the figure looks not just good, but fantastic - I’m waiting to go on to statins - my practice never start me on more than one drug at a time because I have a tendency to react to things.

I didn’t want to go on statins either - then chatting to my mum who had her heart attack at 66, she told me she’d been on them since then - she is now 81 and despite numerous other health problems - with our assistance - she’s led a good life since she lost my dad (we never thought she would outlive him - but there you go) and she’s now a proud great granny.

During the time since you’ve been diagnosed - have you been monitoring your sugar levels?

I was told the ideal HbA1C is 53 (or lower possibly?) - mine was 106 - so considerably higher than yours - it also contributed to how horrendously ill I’d been not long before the diagnosis.

You’ve clearly been through it with your health and I can totally understand why you want to take control of this - but whilst I’m no expert - I do know that the complications of poorly controlled diabetes and / or a high bad cholesterol / tricglyceride level can have very serious consequences.

My diagnosis ultimately came through a very dodgy brain scan and wasn’t what anyone expected.

It is good that you are working with the right people - but you need to understand your sugar and cholesterol levels better to enable you to make informed decisions


Hi welcome to the forum. At 67 (8.7%) your hba1c is fairly high as non-diabetic is 41 (5.5%) however there are forum members who had higher levels at diagnosis and have managed to reduce their levels significantly by lowering their carbs and eating full fat, as opposed to low fat, foods or by going on a very low calorie diet such as Pipp. There are also some who started off on medication and are now diet only. Obviously I’m not medically trained and you need to take your other health issues into account but itis possible. I eat low carb, full fat and my hba1c has steadily reduced from 42 last August, 41 in December and 36 this July and my cholesterol level is 4.8 which is without statins. Re cholesterol it’s not the total level that you need to worry about but the breakdown into LDL (bad) which should be less than 2.5 and HDL (good) which should be over 2.5. Have a read around the forum and ask any questions. One more thing if you haven’t been given one your most important weapon is a glucose meter!


Hello everyone

I was diagnosed type 2 diabetes two months ago and my gp recommended joining this community. I have learnt so much already, thank you all.