Do you Exercise daily?


I do 2 miles every day to every other day unless I can’t keep my suger up. That happened for two days in a row.

Sometimes I’ll do 4 miles - sometimes it’s video work outs ( walk away the pounds with the streched bands) that work the whole body.

I’m still very new and a lot of you guys helped me with my other post. I just want to make sure I’m exersising enough- or if I need to do more do more in the morning after work. ( I work over nights) and should I still exersise if my sugers low?

I’m not sure where the safe zone is for that. But I try to make sure it’s at least at 100.

Though , I have has my blood suger at 135 and then went to sleep for 3 hours and my suger dropped so bad I woke up shaking and sweating. D=
I’m trying to be healthy as possible till I can get to the nutrisontist. But I find in those situations I panic and eat things like Oreos and Brownies.

Mostly cause those are the things I’m terrified of eating when my sugers normal.

Today , I did 4 miles. My head feels kinda heavy. I don’t know if I’m paranoid or if I over did it?

Any advice anyone can give me would be helpful.

I now have some if my suger drops I don’t have to steal my sister’s cookies.

Thank you.


Instead of sugary things have you tried to increase your protein to help with those lows?

Oreos and Brownies sound wonderful but that is sugar right on and over tine fattening.

Try a protein bar there are many on the market and don’t wait until your sugar goes low…eat one before you exercise.


Exercises according to Fitness experts need not be lengthy and tiring.
What is important is being consistent. Five to ten minutes a day will do to burn calories and be ready for the day’s work.