Embarrassed Stress


i just started a new job about 5 weeks ago. I have been under ALOT of stress, with many stressors at the moment. I was at work this week and I became lethargic and very confused. A coworker noticed it and came up to me to help. I am SOOOOOOO embarrassed. I went home for lunch soon after and I don’t know how I made it home alive. It was seriously scary and humiliating. The weird part is that my sugar has been double that before and never had that reaction. I am now scared that it might happen again at work. Any ideas as to why that may have happened and what to do to prevent it from happening again?? TY!!


" stress can do this and no need to be embarrassed. When my diabetes got out of control and my thyroid acted up to the point of me messing up at work, I took my bosses aside, and told them my ‘temporary issues’ at the moment.

by law we don’t have to tell but I feel if I have a medical condition that is messing with my ability to do my job, then I let them know. They were very good and handled me telling them very well, even to the point of acting like a father lol.

And do wear a medical id bracelet just in case "