Essential info for choosing a pump


I’ve been busy trawling through the mass of NHS sites to find some clear info on what pumps are available. I know this question has been asked, and answered before, but I wanted to see some definitive info.

On my travels I came across the Centre for Evidence-based Purchasing (CEP), which is the department of the NHS which publishes recommendations on the use of medical devices. They have produced ‘buyers guides’ for a number of devices, including insulin pumps.

The guide covers all the aspects of choosing a pump, and also includes ratings based on the opinions of diabetics using the devices. I have provided a direct link to the guide as I feel it would be invaluable to anyone deciding on what they need from a pump.

This is publicly available information, so I hope that there is no issue with posting it here.[MN][SP]/NHSprocurement/CEP/POC/CEP08004.pdf


Hi My daughter was given a pump about a month ago. The PCT at the time didn’t supply pumps to children but over the past 12 months the diabetic team did lots of research into the right pump to offer when they gained funding. We have a very upto date pump, it is a ACCU-CHEK Aviva Combo made by Roche. The pump can be hidden anywhere and then you operate it by using a remote control. You use the remote to test your BM, once your settings are done the remote will work out your insulin and any corrections that need to be made, all you have to do is put in the amount of carbohydates in the food you are about to eat. All the information can be transferred to your computer where you can display it in many different formats and you can see where trends may be forming. You can set 5 different programes, ie another insulin regime for perhaps when on holiday, menstral, weekends. Its really easy to use and the support from Roche is fantastic, 24 hr telephone support which is based in England and I think Roche technicians have to be trained diabetic nurses so you are always guaranteed good advice if you need it. Well worth a look. Regards. Helly.