Experiment--Cinnamon Roll


OK…I have not been eating many if any sweets. (no cookies, cake, ice cream, candy—(if these are called complex or uncomplex who knows does not matter to me) What I do eat is like applesauce or a fruit or sugar free popsicles etc. Cut my meal portions in half simply because I feel “just comfortable” and I eat 2X a day (noon and about 6:00 pm)

Have been doing pool exercises by myself about 4-5 X a week. I have lost some weight in 2 weeks time and have more energy, my BG went to 122 -135 from 165-180. Have also cut out Metformin which gave me severe stomach pain along with nausea everyday for over a month and no it was not going away with time, it was getting worse plus I have something that showed up on my pancreas on a CT scan. Will see specialist next week.

TODAY ---- I splurged and ate a cinnamon roll (wasn’t even a good one) and guess what, back to wanting a nap and sooooooo dragging. I am sure my BG is up from it…not wasting a strip to test either, I can tell.

CONCLUSION…with me it is “sugar” not necessarily ALL carbs that send me to nappy time…guess now I can either take a nap which, helps or go and run around in the pool at 105 degrees out … =)


Let your doc know about the metformin so they can get you on something different… There are tons of options out there.