Extremely high morning BMs!


Hi, I’m just wondering if anyone can help? my morning BMs have been rocketing after breakfast over the past few days ( I went from 6.6 to 20.7 in the space of an hour this morning) I’m usually on a 1:1 ratio and have triple my novo rapid dosage but it’s still not working!!


Hiya - sorry it’s an absolute pain when this happens. Couple of things to check:

Are you coming down with anything ? This is the most common one to check as if you’re fighting a bug it will quickly change your daily requirements.
Have you changed your insulin cartridge ?
Try rotating sites of injections ?
Have you changed anything in the evening, such as doing exercise ?

Otherwise you will need to check your basal as this may need increasing - what basal are you taking ? In regards to my quick acting insulin, I personally have a different bolus ratio for mornings so take 1.5 units of QA per 10g carb and then back on 1:1 after 2pm.

Do you have a team you can call ?

Either way I hope you can work out what’s causing it