Family history Diabetes and Heart Disease


I am a 55 yr old female with a family history of early deaths due to heart disease. My father also had diabetes and had a triple bypass in his 50s. I recently was persuaded to look into a calcium density test to determine if this was a concern. It came back with a high score of 1700 when i should have read 0-400. Was then scheduled for a heart cath and it revealed blockage in 4 arteries 99-75%. Was scheduled for surgery early the following morning. Its been a month and still in recovery but able to function now. My blood sugars were uncontrolled for some time even though I was on pills. I ate wrong and did not exercise. Now I am on 16-27 units of insulin daily does and long acting at night. Has been difficult getting regulated so far.
T2 first diagnosed after birth of child at age 30. Am concerned for son having the same issues down the road.


Don’t worry. You will recover. You should keep your sugars under control. Meet your doctor and control your sugars. Recovery will be good with sugars under control.

Have you undergone bypass surgery?

Your son is also a diabetic?