Feeling depressed


i have type two diabeties with high uncontrolled blood sugar. I have to take a pill six shots a day and Im a recovering cutter. I keep tellingmyself it is not im falling off the wagon im fighting my symptoms of mental health as well. I feel this situation is dire as all I want to is live. Im such a mess…


I just started giving myself one shot a day and it’s so horrible to do. I get bad bruising from it. I’m dealing with depression, this isn’t helping me at all. I understand what you mean about dire situations. You certainly are not falling off the wagon. We do what we have to do to keep going every day. I’ve been a mess for years. Between feeling like crap and worrying about my grandson who lives far away from me, I want to scream my head off. I take so many pills I swear I’m killing my insides. Let’s decide that it is what it is and smile through it no matter how much it hurts