Finally diagnosed, but not really sure where to start



I’m a newly diagnosed diabetic as in yesterday it was confirmed - I have an appointment with the diabetic nurse tomorrow - that should be fun considering I’m also coeliac and have a high level of intolerance to dairy produce and cannot eat or drink any sweet diet foods as nearly all of them contain aspartame which makes me violently ill.

For the last 5 years I’ve been trying to get the doctors to listen to me that I suspected I had diabetes and this was disregarded on random blood tests - even though I barely ate anything and virtually lived on Coca Cola, Ribena or Lucozade. I’ve also had two bouts of acute pancreatitis where they’ve been unable to identify the cause - apparently it wasn’t my gall bladder and I don’t drink.

All this came about because I had a few funny turns and then a brain MRI which showed more white matter hyper-intensities than I should have for my age - he decided as an ex-smoker who’d been on BP medication that this was the cause and the turns may have been TIAs - he did a heap of blood tests and this time my blood sugar came back 10.9 - I’m not yet familiar with the diabetic world but I’m sure there are many others with levels higher and lower.

I was transferred back into the care of my GP and asked for a repeat Blood Glucose to be done - this time they also did a HbA1c test which has never been done before.

My Glucose came back 17.9 this time. My GP has written me a script for Metformin - although my mum (a retired nurse) says I should wait to see the nurse - my daughter - currently a staff nurse on a vascular ward was quite shocked at my results, but has also seen much worse during the course of her work.

(my paternal grandmother & aunty had late onset diabetes - but a fair bit older than me (I’m 49) and my dad was “borderline” - he eventually passed away from pancreatitis triggered by surgery to remove cancerous lymph nodes (the irony - had he not had the surgery he would probably still be here)

As part of all this I had a carotid artery scan yesterday and they were deemed perfect (much to the consultants surprise).

I have an unstable spine so can barely walk, fibromyalgia and various other problems - people find it hard to believe I still work - I do - but not like I used to and usually from home.,

I’m really not sure what I’m hoping to get out of typing here - but I am experiencing so many emotions ranging from anger, to relief that I wasn’t going mad and over to fear of what the future holds for me.


Hi and welcome. Yes, you have grand mix of conditions! I trust you were joking about the Lucozade etc; bin it and don’t buy any more. As you may gather you need to keep the carbs way down. Make up with fats and proteins if you can. Was the 17.9 figure your HBa1C in %? If so it’s horrendous. Can you give us some idea of your BMI. this may help guide us as to whether you are T2 or late onset T1. The metformin is unlikely to do any harm and will help a bit if T2. If late onset T1, then different medication will be needed. Do provide more info.