Glucometers compared


I’ve seen a few posts about comparing meters and recommendations so heres my previous meters and current meter on small review. Hope it helps.

Accu-check Advantage

Test trip is slightly curved
If your under 18 you can trade chips for goodies from Testing123
Big screen


Bit extra blood
Uses a control chip for strips
30 Second Test
480 Memory
No computer hookup

Accu-check Active

Test stips can be used with or without meter
5 Second Test
Computer transferable via Infrared
Very Small and easy to carry around


Getting blood onto the strip could be a bit fumbly at times
Uses control chip(also tradable)
Apparently no long obtainable in the uk but maybe lucky from chemists/specialist/nurse

Accu-Check Aviva

Small and Easily carried
5 Second Test
Doesnt need much blood
Infrared data transfer
500 Memory entries
Detects not enough blood on the stip(prevents miss readings)
Comes with MultiClix pricker which is barrel based of 6 lancets so changing them is really quick and easy with a twist of the loader.
MultiClix barrels also protect the inner lancets when fully used so need of sharps bin is needed but recommended.
This kit also allows for alternate site testing


Uses control chip but is tradable

Ascensia DEX 2

10 Test stips in a disk so not opening pots to get strip out, already there for you
Small blood needed
No coding/control chips
Fairly easy to use


Loading a tad bit jammy after some time from wear
Stips are sharp at one side(goes into a point)
Lancetting device too deep for comfort(personal statement)
30 Second Tests

LifeScan OneTouch UltraSmart

5 Second test
Easily calibrated
Lifescan supplies 2 x control solution instead of 1
Small and easily carried
Not alot of blood needed
Diary of everything(exercise, food, insulin/tablet dosage, blood results as standard, illnesses, healthchecks)
Analysis of:excerise, food intake, insulin/tablet dosages, blood averages(if testing enough can get a good idea of a1c but not accuratly).
Computer transferable


Computer software could do with a few more options in how to view the data

I Recomend getting a OneTouch UltraSmart as that will do pretty much everything you will ever need it to do. Also great for adjusting how much insulin you have taken vs carbohydates. You can show your nurse/doctor results/graphs/progress(tighter control ect).

And use a AccuCheck MultiClix Lancetting device as it has a chamber based system for lancets(6 at a time) so when you need to change lancets you just twist the top; It can also be used with alternate site testing.

All these meters/companies supply free batteries and solution and part replacements although im not sure about the Ascensia since I didn’t get on well with this meter.