Good A1C's - bad foot


My husband’s a1c’s are 5.5 doing great.
Last week he got food poisoning, and slipped on the stairs going to the bathroom…twisted his ankle.
now, the podiatrist put him on bedrest and says it may be an infection. Has him on big doses of antibiotics and is saying wednesday we see improvement or he goes in the hospital.
His ankle is a bit swollen. not red, not hot…no wounds. He already was wearing his compression stockings.

I have taken care of my mom twice with injuries and cellulitus with open wounds and similar treatments…so I know what to do…and I know it can take time to see improvement (hers was easy, just look)

But, I am amazed that we missed this…if this is even what it is…shouldn’t there be some signs we could have looked for?

anyone with a similar experience?
I guess better safe than sorry…but,this has really sent him in the toilet with depressing thoughts.

any suggestions would be welcome. ie questions to ask the dr…or tests etc


Why in the world is he taking mega doses of antibiotics for a twisted ankle ??? Very hard on kidneys, that sounds ridiculous, I would for sure get a second opinion. Did the dr do an Xray to check for a break? Also, being on total bed rest can cause blood clots. This dr sounds off to me.

Not sure of your situation but sunshine and averting his mind from the fall maybe would help. Can he play a card game or watch TV??

Best wishes and please get this reviewed again…