Got back from the Diabetologist


she threw at me facts that I already knew. She did not like me losing so much weight so fast. My numbers being all over the map. I know that the Janumet is not working for me. She is adding gliclazide and Lipitor for cholesterol. She is worried about my blood pressure being a bit low too. The cholesterol numbers were not bad for a person without diabetics, a bit high for me. Okay, but that is produced by the body and here is nothing I can do about that. I have vitiligo that is an autoimmune disease, along with my father history of bad health, she is worried. Am I worried about it, a bit but there is nothing I can do about it but control it? It is very controllable too. Now I go back in a month’s time. She is ordering blood tests and then she will evaluate things. Meanwhile, I am still up and it is 4:30 a.m. Now I am starting to feel sleepy.

If your blood sugars are high losing weight is NOT a good thing. IDK if that's part of having your numbers "all over the map" or not.. But when my sugars were high I was losing weight so fast.. Got my numbers under control and the weight loss came to a halt.. Not thrilled about that, but I know it wasn't healthy losing the weight before. Some dr.s believe they need to keep telling you things over and over, my mom's cardiologist always asks if she's still smoking and tells her she needs to stop. it's their job to do these things, so bare with them. Besides it really doesn't hurt being reminded of things we already know.

I hope you were able to finally get some sleep today. I just had a heart attack in late June and just started my cardiac rehab. Exercise makes a HUGE difference on all the numbers. I never knew it, well I did but I guess I didn’t believe it enough to act on it… So one heart attack and 2 stents later I’m forced to start a work out program… Right now it’s a VERY LIGHT program and I can already see the changes in my numbers. My numbers since the HA have been alright, but since rehab has started just the 2 days so far that I’ve worked out I have found it MUCH easier to control my numbers.

Everyone of us have busy lives, we all have the same control issues and we all get aggravated from time to time, but we really need to put ourselves and our health first even above what may be an awesome paycheck… Hope that makes sense… Anyway wish you all the best.