Had a heart attack


Listen folks… please take care of your sugars from the day you find out you are diabetic. Numbers are blood pressure, glucose, a1c, weight, and labs. Failure to do so can land you in my shoes… Just turned 40 a couple weeks ago and spent last weekend in hospital recovering from my heart attack and 2 stents. :frowning:


I was totally in your shoes. I had a heart attack last Oct due to not watching sugars, weight, etc. Was 59 at the time, had one stent put in. Since then I have lost 45 lbs, have totally changed my lifestyle, and my labs are great!! In the ER that night I decided I didn’t want to die… If you get depressed following all this, it’s normal. I also beat myself up for a while. Went to cardiac rehab for a couple months, which really helps with reconditioning, strengthening the heart muscles, and is great for support from others going through the same thing.
Hope you’re feeling better and keep me posted!