Heart problem in a diabetic


My husband had to go to the ear for chest pains last week. Blood work and keg were fine. He got a stress test today. A couple of hours after we got home, the nurse at our family doctors called and said my husband needs to come see the doctor, then go to a cardiologist. She said the test showed a part of his heart that wasn’t getting much blood. We see our doc Friday at 1:30, and he will refer to a cardiologist. My husband has type 2 diabetes and is 44.
Any thought about what is going on and possible treatment?

Thanks in advance for any information.


I’m barely 40 and had a heart attack a couple weeks ago. I’ve been type 2 for a little over 20 years and on oral meds up until a few years ago then was placed on insulin. For me my numbers were always inconsistent and I found that eating a carb limited diet helped keep my blood sugar under control but because I wasn’t worried about my heart I ate lots of red meat, didn’t watch my sodium intake and wasn’t eating the right foods for my heart. I was super focused only on my blood sugar numbers. Now my quack of a dr. always told me my labs were great. My cholesterol was great and so on… Come to find out that probably wasn’t true. If your husband’s heart has a part not getting the blood it’s suppose to it sounds like it could be an artery issue (which is the cause of most heart attacks)… Sounds like he caught it before an attack tho. So maybe the dr. can treat it before it becomes a major problem.

As far as worry… I’d say medium worry till you see the dr. Probably nothing will happen between now and then and the doc can give you guys the tools you need to go forward from here. :slight_smile: