Help! Potential LADA, struggling to get a clear diagnosis…


Hello everyone,

I am a recently diagnosed 36 year old male, very slim and no history of diabetes in my family apart from an aunt who is overweight with type 2. I was diagnosed following a urine test carried out to see if I had a bacterial infection. I don’t really have any symptoms, apart from possibly going to the toilet slightly more than often.

My doctor has struggled to diagnose me and has said I could be either Slow Evolving type 1 (LADA) or type 2. At my request, he referred me to the hospital to establish which I was. I saw a Senior Registrar, who met me on behalf of one of the consultants. She said she was confident I was a type 2, even though I cannot really understand her reasoning and this was not properly explained.

Given that I am thin and under 40, I do not meet the usual criteria for type 2. One of the dieticians has suggested that I may be a LADA. I suggested the Senior Registrar that I should have antibody testing, but did not agree to this. She felt she could be confident I am type 2 without it, without giving clear reasoning. She also mentioned the cost of the tests and the fact that they would not give a definite diagnosis. She said antibody testing would only be done where keytones had been observed. Instead, she suggested C-peptide testing, but does not proposed to do this for 6-9 months.

I am frustrated that it is now 3 months since I was diagnosed, but I am no closer to having real certainty whether I am type 2 or LADA. I also don’t understand why c-peptide testing is being delayed. My concern is that the necessary tests aren’t being done, perhaps because the hospital is trying to avoid costs. I am also concerned that a proper diagnosis is important to my treatment and in knowing the risk to family members.

I had thought of writing to the Senior Registrar, but she was very dismissive and unwilling to discuss any concerns when I met her. I also thought of writing to the consultant who she met me on behalf of, but am concerned this could lead to unnecessary upset and resentment from the staff.

I would really welcome any comments or advice from other members, as this is worrying me.

Many thanks


Well done on those readings! :smiley: You’re doing the right thing with experimenting and testing as you are doing as some of us handle the same type of food VERY differently! :crazy:
Did you have a HbA1c test at the doctors by any chance? I was misdiagnosed as type 2 with a HbA1c of 7.5% on diagnosis and my home testing levels kept on getting higher and higher but the nurse didn’t see it as a problem but my GP,after seeing my home meter recordings,admitted he thought things weren’t as clear cut as first thought and referred me to the consultant at the hospital and I repeated the hbA1c test prior to my first appointment with him-It had jumped up to 14.1%(Almost doubled in 3 months,despite oral meds and low carbing) which struck alarm bells with the consultant who then DID do the C-pep and Antibody tests which indeed showed I had an Autoimmune type of Diabetes and with my age(I’m 36 now) was classed as type 1.5 Lada.
It took a huge jump in my HbA1c to be taken serious so that’s why I’m asking you if you have had a HbA1c test as the results of these seem to be what makes the Doctors look and listen.