Hi i have type 2 diabetes


i have had this condition for some time now i have heard how much u have to watch it if u cut your feet or any other area due to infection i know we have to go to the gp to get it checked BUT NO ONE told me diabetes can also effect your hands mine have been damaged agreat deal my nerves in my hands can not be repaired but they can try to limit the damage but its to late, i have very limited use of them now and have to wear these hand supports with metal in them on both hands they do them at the hospital and fit the ones i needed the only time i can take them off is in bed and when i hold my grandchildren so i do not hurt them as the metal moves …any way is there any one here that didnt know about having to watch their hands my nurse checks my feet but not my hands…i could have missed it for a while because i have fibromyalgia everything hurts …any way is their any advice or help u could give me i look forward to hearing from u ps this is my first post oh and my spelling is bad sorry…

OMGosh!!!!! I was diagnosed 2 years ago and took control right away.

I have been a hairdresser for 36 years and have been having problems with my hands and never gave it a second thought that the diabetes may be exuberating the already issues I am having. My chiropractor has been working on it for a year until last week…I finally consulted a hand specialist (ortho) and my appointment is for this afternoon. I will be sure to ask him if the problem is related to the diabetes. I know I have arthritis as that was confirmed several years ago, but now it is swelling and am in severe pain and someone mentioned it might be a ganglia…OY.
Thanks for the heads up…this makes so much sense. Am sad if it is irreversible and would have to give up doing hair…*sigh