Hi, new to the forums. Any help would be appreciated


Hi everyone,
I would really appreciate people’s advice. I am sorry for the length of this post.
I am a concerned 21 year old female, I joined here because my younger brother has type 1 Diabetes and I could do with some help. He also suffers from Hyperthyroidism and Asperger’s Syndrome, a high functioning form of Autism. He was diagnosed with diabetes when he was only 1 year old, and Asperger’s Syndrome when he was 13.

Here goes…
We grew up with an alcoholic for a mother, and never knew our father.
Up until now he was still living at home by himself with our mother who’s alcoholism and violent outbursts (both physical and verbal) have been severely detrimental to his mental and physical health.
When I was 18, I moved out very suddenly the night of one of her rages and tried to take my brother with me. However, I didn’t have the money, the mental strength or a stable enough living situation to be able to support him and he quickly went back to live with her partly due to the aforementioned and partly because he was so trodden down by her and frightened of her that when she told him to go back, he did.

Two years have now passed since then and in that time I found myself in another abusive relationship (which I managed to get out of) and had many mental breakdowns which led me to seek therapy. I have been diagnosed with agoraphobia, dysthymia and PTSD symptoms which I have been working hard to overcome.
I am now finally in a place where I am able to help him, which leads us to the present…

I have been able to find a place for the two of us which I can just afford on unemployment benefits, though I am determined to find a job despite the large gaps in my resume caused by my depression and agoraphobia.
My brother is now 19 and has just this week moved in with me.
He is not in the best shape, I would extremely appreciate any outlooks, assistance or advice.
Mentally: My brother has quite visible severe social anxiety, limited social skills and episodes of depression for which I would like him to start going to therapy, he also thinks this is a good idea and I am currently in the process of organizing this.
Physically: His health is concerning, when he was 15 one doctor told us that he would be surprised if my brother made it to the age of 18.
When he was a lot younger he often had lows (hypoglycemia) where he would seizure, begin to lose his senses (vision, hearing, sense of touch), have terrifying hallucinations and end up in hospital. He is sick a lot, has frequent nose bleeds (he is missing a clotting agent in his blood), often is lethargic, often nauseous, frequent stomach aches and dizzy spells.
He is also very thin due to his Hyperthyroidism so he only injects in his stomach (there isn’t much fat to inject elsewhere), and from a lifetime of neglect to his health is no longer able to fully extend his fingers and his body is very stiff to the point where he tells me he cannot stretch around to inject in his buttocks.

I am so proud of my brother for being so strong and for facing his fears with my mother to move in with me. But, I am very concerned for his health and well-being. I hope to help him get his levels under control, injecting in other places than his stomach, eating a much healthier diet, eating regular meals, and to a place where he can then maintain those things by himself. I hope this will also alleviate how often he feels ill.

I am scared that I won’t be able to help him, that he may decide he doesn’t want my help, that I won’t be able to do a good enough job and his health will worsen. I am also scared that some of the damages to his body may turn out to be irreparable.

I am lost, I don’t know where to start.


Hi Xeena;
I’m no expert so can’t assist too much on a medical side but I can support you for your selfless desire to be there for your brother. You should be very proud of yourself for your desire and drive to pull both yourself and your brother up and into a healthier environment. You sound like you are made of some tough stuff and together you guys will pull through, just keep trying your best and reaching out. Stay positive.


you have to seek a Medical professional’s advice for Free.
there might be centers in your place where you can inquire for Medical consultations. You must have a direction, and must be the right one.
Be strong. You can do it.