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How many have achieved long term reversal with LCHF?

I’ve read a ton of success stories on here about reversing type2 with LCHF diet. It has allowed me to drop my levels quickly as well. I am hoping it is a long term solution. Is that likely? How many of you have had long term success with this and avoided meds? How many years?

Too early to tell for me as I was only diagnosed at the end of 2018. Been in ketosis since late January and intend following LCHF for the rest of my life. I test my blood glucose levels at regular intervals during the day and they are normally within the non-diabetic range (with a few blips that can usually be tracked back to a wrong food choice or stress!!). I find it helps to keep a diary of what I eat so that I can tell if anything has caused a spike. Got my first full review in July and will no doubt post the resuts on here for advice or a jolly good pat on the back! Good luck with your journey x

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