I have Just Started Victoza this Week


Hi to all,

I have just started Victoza last week so I can increase to 1.2 tomorrow hope I won’t make me feel sick I’ve been ok all week no side effects so hopefully will be able to carry on to help with diabetes n weightloss as I find it really hard to loose weight I just hate having this its so hard to control but I have had better numbers now with the above.

I also take gliclazide half a tablet daily
So hopefully will have another good week next week too.
I would like to know views of other people on the same treatment as me.


Hi, I am type 2 and have been on Victoza (1.2) for 4 months along with metformin and gliclazide (4 of each daily). Witnessed weight loss of 1/2 stone and has reduced readings. No obvious side effects, works for me.