I'm 26, Overweight, and my A1C is 9% ... I have questions


I’ll lay it all out here and hope people aren’t mean…

I’m 26 and got diagnosed 6 mos ago with type 2 diabetes after a regular bloodwork said my a1c was like 11.5% which I was told basically sucks.

I have agoraphobia and don’t leave my home and weigh approx 360lbs. My a1c is 8.9% now. I weighed about 400lbs when diagnosed, but I was eating a lot more.

I have a very limited income and still eat too much carbs to be honest. I have pasta 2x a week, potatoes 2x a week, soft tortillas 2x a week, and rice 1x a week. For lunch and breakfast I have cut out all white flour/rice things though and use whole wheat.

I no longer have fried foods, changed my breakfast to one ‘whole’ egg and egg beaters for what would amount to idk… 3 eggs?

I have bacon like once a month versus 5x/week pre-diagnosis.

I use ground chicken/turkey in place of ground beef now.

So I still feel “full” while “overeating” i have a can of green beans at every lunch and 1/2 bag of broccoli (no added anything) at dinner so my plate is more healthy and less calories.

I cut out everything sugary, except I get a box of 12 healthy choice fudge pops which I spread through the month.

I took 2400mg of metformin for the first few months (started at 800, no affect) and had never been under 240 on my blood sugar, but some nights after dinner i was still in the 350-390 blood sugar range.

We switched to just Lantus, starting at 15/night but went up to 40 to no avail. barely got my low numbers to 215 and i was still hitting 320-350 some nights a couple hours after dinner.

This week they prescribed me novalog in addition but forgot to tell me the # of units to take before each meal and i was told wait until my dr is back from vacation and they set an appt for her to come to my house for next week… I know it wasnt smart, but i did take 10 units before breakfast. my numbers had been 268 and 2 hours later were 231, so i figure that’s good but not enough.

At lunch I took my sugars and they were 228 and i took 20 units, i actually at 2 hours later dropped to 190.

At dinner i was 205 and i took 30 and 3 hours later was 169.

Should I try 40 in morning? Should I stay at 30? Drop to 20 or 10? Or do nothing until my doctor can come out which is not until 8/13?

WWYD? And how did people who really overeat normally change diet to less than I am at? I hate brown rice, so that’s out… But I was thinking like half and half whole wheat pasta until im used to it maybe as my next change… and trying whole wheat flour tortillas… Not sure what to change about potatoes… I am very sucky at limiting myself.

PS - my diabetes isn’t all food/weight related. I was born with a malformed pancreas, 4 kidneys (2 of which suck), and a misshapen liver/bladder… So some of it is just my organs dont like me.

Anyway ty if you respond.


First off I want to commend you for the positive changes you’re making. It sounds like your on the right path and I know how difficult it is to change old habits. So congrats and keep it up. Now, for your insulin dosing…I would definitely not play around with it, especially since it’s new. Since you’re on metformin, Lantus and now novolog your body can react differently with it each day. As you are probably aware the Lantus wields over a 24 hour time span and your fasting blood sugar could drop if mixed with too much novolog. So, it’s great that you are keeping great track of it all, but I would wait until you see the dr. No one at the Dr’s office can check the records to see if the dosages were put in there? Or there’s no covering dr? That seems odd to me. I would call again tomorrow and find out because you may also need a sliding scale if your numbers are that high still. I wish you the best!