In agony ..cant walk after amputation


Hi id be grateful for some advice please.Im a type 2 Diabetic and have recently had a toe amputation only 2 weeks ago.
Both legs pre the op had neuropathy which even though it was uncomfortable i could manage pain wise and get around no problem.Now after the op my pain in my right leg has totally dissapeared and after the toe op my left leg especially in the calf area its unbearable to the point i cant walk more than a few yards without dropping to the floor in agony. Im a carer for my son who has Autism with my wife and i need to sort this out somehow. Im having to use a wheel chair/shopping karts in shops to get around as the pain is totally unbearable…Has anyone any thoughts on what might be happening or what medication i can take (not a medicine type tbh) yes im on Metformin and also anti biotics at present,but since the op the pain is unbearable …many thanks


Sorry Chris I cannot be of any help. Has your GP or consultant provided any guidance as to the cause and how to help? Is it like a cramping in the calf because you have no big toe which your calf is trying to control as you walk?