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Insulin Resistance Test

I think I understand the information, but I would be grateful for anybody be able to explain this to me in simpler terms
Thank you

Hi , this basically means that you do not have a lot of circulating insulin (anything between around 3 and 5 for insulin), which is great as a preventative measure for other conditions such as high blood pressure and many more and that your body has lots of chance to burn fat (cannot efficiently burn fat in the presence of high circulating insulin). By using a formula ( or your insulin resistance , also known as HOMA-IR is calculated.

Yours is exceptional, as anything below 1 is a good response. Although your fasting glucose is normal-ish (I prefer) lower, given a choice of your results or mine (fbg circa 4.2, insulin 5.2) I would go for yours, as I believe lower insulin is more important than perhaps a liver dumped fbg.