New aussie diabetes app delivers profound predictive data - predictbgl


April 22, 2015 - Melbourne, Australia – PredictBGL, a new App for people with Type 1 diabetes, provides dose calculation and for the first time, prediction of blood sugars hours ahead – even overnight.

“The ability to see future predictive data is profound” says David Samuels, HumanAPI investor. The PredictBGL App integrates data from blood glucose meters, fitness devices, manual carbohydrate data, digital insulin pens, insulin pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM) with the patient’s biometrics to generate predictions in real-time. The technology is useful for patients with Type 1 diabetes, and parents of kids with Type 1 diabetes, who cope with significant stress avoiding dangerous low blood sugars, especially overnight.

“Current technology is ‘inject and hope for the best’ “ – says Simon Carter, the founder of
ManageBGL. “The patient has no guidance, and typically only the doctor changes the doses,
and only once every 6 months at that”.

The App predictions provide a baseline for what the expected results should be. When the
results differ, the App coaches the user to modify their doses in a way that improves the
outcome, and also improves the predictions.”

Traditional diabetes management is very rigid and inflexible, and dosing still involves a lot of
guesswork. This is because subtle changes in the timing and sizes of meals, insulin doses and exercise can lead to large changes in blood glucose results. This makes it very difficult to
pinpoint problems without logging 30 days of data. PredictBGL makes it possible to refine
doses on day one, and also to predict dangerous low blood sugars before they occur. This
improves the patient’s quality of life substantially, and makes eating more flexible. The PredictBGL App also shares blood sugars, carbohydrates, insulin and the resulting prediction information to all carers – a boon for stressed parents with T1 kids at school or T1 teenagers away from home. Current systems share just blood sugar data without any context.

The Open API allows third parties such as hospital ward monitoring systems to pull down graphs of future blood sugar levels and any predicted warnings or intelligent coaching messages.

The next release of PredictBGL will support Apple Watch. The App will show recent blood
glucose data such as that from a CGM, but also shows predictions of where the blood sugar is
going, and alerts the user to dangerous low blood sugars forecasted.

Contact: Simon Carter
Title: CEO
Company: ManageBGL, 1 Dalmore Drive, Scoresby, Victoria 3179, Australia
Website: http://www.ManageBGL.com12
Tel: +61-3-9802-8594

This service costs $10/month after a trial period. The free iOS App is available in the App
store, and a free Android App will be available shortly. Data can also be viewed and analysed
through the website.

ABOUT MANAGEBGL was founded in 2012 by the founders of DataMystic, a successful data mining,
data conversion and software development company. is the world leader in diabetes data modeling and integration, and the world
leader in prediction of future blood sugar levels.