Newly diagnosed pre diabetic- tips please?


was shocked to learn on Thursday that I am pre diabetic. My weight is at 13stone and I am 5’4. I am certainly not the healthiest person but I had NO IDEA I was that unhealthy. I allowed myself Thursday to feel angry and upset for allowing myself to get in to such bad shape. I am so thoroughly disappointed that I have put my health at such risk. I don’t smoke, rarely drink so considered myself to be not too bad. How naive I was! I am scared that this could develop into full blown type 2 and I will have no one to blame but myself.

Friday came round and I was determined to start the day afresh and do something about it rather than feeling sorry for myself. I’ve created a low carb meal plan and dusted off my rowing machine (I’ve used it twice and went out for a walk today.) I know I have a journey ahead of me but this is the wake up call that I stupidly needed.

Just wondered if anyone had any tips or suggestions as to how to adjust to this diagnosis?


Hey welcome to the forum. Please don’t be so hard on yourself - there are many factors that can lead to impaired glucose tolerance - and certain genes come into play which is why some people can be many stones overweight and not ever get type 2. You’re off to a great start by going low carb and the good news is loads of people on this forum have managed to avoid developing type 2 or reverse their diagnosis by following a low carb high fat diet. Do you know what your hbA1c is and have you managed to speak to your gp/nurse since you found out? Have they advised you on anything eg. diet/medications?