Planning for Blood donation


My previous A1C max was 8. It was usually around 7. Then in July it shot up to 11. This is for 3 months so it would be approximately April 18 - July 18, 2015.

We couldn’t figure out what made it jump so much. Today there is a blood drive at work. I think, coincidentally, it is the first day I am allowed to donate after I donated a double portion on Kentucky Derby day (May 4). I think they said I had to wait until August 18th.

Anyway, I don’t suppose donating a double portion of blood would have had any affect on the A1C level, would it?


Giving blood is a laudable idea but it won’t make any difference to your blood sugar (unless you have a biscuit after the donation) nor to your HbA1c.



Everyone should donate blood