Pregnant Belly Syndrome?


Well first off, I’m definitely not pregnant …lol, being well past child-bearing age.

My problem is that if I stand sideways in front of a mirror (and lift up my heavy boobs - sorry if that’s TMI) I have the same shape as someone who is 9 months pregnant!! Under my bust I measure 36" then I go out to 42" round the waist (or where it should be) and 43" round the hips :frowning: That is surely not normal?

I’ve been doing the LC/HF diet in the hope of controlling my T2 diabetes and losing weight, but although I’ve lost a stone so far I haven’t lost anything from the all important midriff area. My already quite skinny legs/thighs and face look thinner but that’s all.

I know I’ve still got a way to go as I am currently 11st 9lbs and only 5’3" so just under obese and into overweight.

What I want to know is has anyone else had this problem and will it go eventually before I look drawn and haggard everywhere else?

I did some research online about it and came across something called Diastasis Recti which is mainly aimed at pregnant women who haven’t lost their “baby belly” after pregnancy but apparently it can happen to anyone at any age. I did have big babies (over 8lbs). There’s information about it here if anyone is interested

So do you think I should assume that I have this condition or hope that losing more weight will make a difference? There is an exercise program which is supposed to help repair the abdominal separation but with a chronic back problem and dodgy knees (and being over 70) I haven’t checked it out yet.

Sorry for the lengthy post but I thought it might be helpful to anyone else with a similar problem and would also like to hear from anyone who has successfully got rid of their pregnant looking belly, either by diet or doing the exercises.


Copey - The apple shape, where the bulk of our weight is carried around our middles is a fairly typical sight in T2. This is indicating the fat has been accumulating around our internal organs. Diastasis Recti is not uncommon, for a number of reasons, such as past pregnancies, abdominal surgery amongst others. It’s typical appearance is for the apparent swelling to be top to bottom (under the breast bone, towards the belly button, rather than distributed around the waistline. I had this after abdominal surgery, where access was achieved by separating the two muscle columns and them not healing perfectly, but fortunately re-building the muscles negated the need to repair the area.

It is an annoyingly sad fact of life that we always seem to lose weight from areas we don’t particularly want to first; whether that be bust, bottom, legs or wherever. A number of people have commented that their tummy fat has been the last to go. I think in common parlance, it’s called Murphy’s Law. The same law comes into play when we gain weight. We never seem to achieve a more voluptuous bust or perky rear. We get saddlebags, or muffin tops. No? So, the message is quite simple; keep going with the diet and I’m confident loss will happen, given time.

I have posted a few times about losing weight, other people’s perceptions of our altering appearance and the equally irritating fact that the body can sometimes keep changing in its shape after we have finished our weight loss. It’s almost like it’s catching up. As an example, my weight has been stable now at 47-50kg for this year, but my body shape is still smoothing out. In fact last weekend, I bought some new trousers which are down yet another size. To be honest, I hadn’t really wanted that to happen, as it takes my bottom half to a size 6, which isn’t the easiest size to buy except in high end or Dorothy Perkins or New Look, but there we have it. I am pretty skinny, but then, at also 5ft 3in, with size 3 feet, I certainly don’t even pretend to have a big frame. I’m praying my bottom doesn’t get any smaller, trust me!

If your shape and your discover of the Diastasis Recti condition concerns you, then do have a chat with your doc; especially if you are going to embark on an exercise regime. But, you could find it improves as a matter of course as some of the abdominal bulk decreases.

Good luck with it all. This can test our patience at times, but let’s face it, we didn’t gain the weight in a few sort weeks, so why should we expect it to disappear in such a short time frame?