Recently something contrary to logic of juvenile diabetes happened to me


I was using 32 units of lantus (bed time), coverage/carb count prior to meal. I was hospitalised and hospital doctor put me on 14 units of lantus and since that occured I’ve been doing significantly better managing blood sugar with alot less lantus. Juvenile diabetes is auto-immune hence this would indicate something like that occuring as impossible. I think I have some ultra rare disorder/disease that caused a diabetes which comes up as type 1 on tests.

Also, 2nd important question, If I had juvenile diabetes since I was a kid and never used insulin up until 32 y/o. Wouldn’t that be impossible I’d run into DKA sooner or later. I barely AND rarely feel neuropathic pains as well. All help appreciated in figuring this out.


Hi there. I’m not quite sure what your questions are, but here goes. First off, let me say that the term “juvenile” diabetes is no longer used. There is type 1 (T1) and type 2 (T2) among a few others.

It is quite possible to get T1 at any age. Were you told you have type 1? As I said, it’s quite possible.

As a long term T1, I can say that it is also possible for what happened to you. My suspicion is that part of the food you were eating was being covered by the lantus. That can happen when you take too much and consequently, you end up taking a bit less of a bolus than you would otherwise need. Would you would find you went low previously when you didn’t eat? That would be a clue.

Anyway, I hope I helped a bit.