Reimbursement for gym memberships


You may know that many Medicare health insurance plans (HMOs, supplemental plans, etc) include a benefit called “Silver Sneakers”. Silver Sneakers is a program that arranges with various gyms so that Silver Sneakers members can get free or reduced cost memberships and exercise classes. The gyms (LA Fitness, Curves, Dynamo Swim Club, etc) participate or drop out as the whim takes them.

Inspired by this, I asked if my husband’s employer BCBS plan covers gym memberships. The insurance company doesn’t pay for the membership per se, but you can get reimbursed from you Flexible Benefit Reimbursement Account (FBRA) if you have one (which we do). Using our FBRA means pre-tax money, which saves us about 20%. As a matter of fact, it looks like we might have some money left over in our FBRA account this year, so using it to pay for my newly minted gym membership will be doubly good.

Health club memberships/Exercise programs (Medical)
May be eligible only if prescribed by physician to treat medical condition (obesity) and only while condition exists. [Note: You submit the prescription to whichever company handles your FBRA reimbursements.]