Severe numbness Please read this - feeling wrecked


I am a Type 2 diabetic with neuopathy. I came off gabapentin and started pregabalin 6 weeks ago. I am now on 150 mg in the morning and 150 at night. I still have intermittent neuropathy pains, but now I can’t sleep, have diarrhea at night, have dragging pains in my legs, bum and shoulders, have problems with my balance and my vision. I feel wrecked. Should I continue with this drug and hope the side effects (if that is what these are) eventually go away, or should I see the doctor and come off them. If I decide to come off the pregabalin, what else is there out there for neuropathy? Please help, I feel so ill.


There are other drugs for neuropathy or they may decrease your dosage of the lyrica. I would address your concerns with the doctor and see your other options.