Smoking and Diabetes


My 63 year old brother has been a heavy smoker since the age of 15. He has had diabetes for the past 10 years and has done nothing for it, didn’t take meds or watch his diet.

So, within the past two years se has had both his legs amputated and is now in the hospital for the past 6 weeks, having had to have open heart surgery. he is in terrible shape, and just is slowly dying.

Please, for those of you who smoke, stop. And I know that sometimes we all “cheat” a little and eat things we shouldn’t. But get back on track as quick as you can. My brother looks horrible; he lost all her teeth, he is almost bald, no legs, heart surgery. His wife died 2 years ago.

I just think of my brother whenever I am depressed about the diabetes. (I have type 2). I take really good care of myself most of the time. I am 66, and I don’t want to go through what he is going through.


If you are taking control of yourself and your numbers you should be fine. And you shouldn’t end up like yourbrother. Be sure you keep your blood pressure under control too.

I’m sorry you’re going through this with his and sorry he is too. My mom had a heart attack several years ago, then diagnosed type2, her husband diagnosed with lung cancer (the deadliest form) and beat it now he’s cured… They both smoked for many many years… Guess what? They still do!! It makes me so angry but nothing I can do about it but refuse to be around the smoke. My step dad could have stopped smoking if my mom would have joined him. He was almost there but the temptation was too great when she’d light up.

Sometimes lessons just can’t be learned. As you said it’s the same for all of us when we cheat and eat what we know we shouldn’t. I had a heart attack last month (I’m 40) and I’ve eaten out a few times since but I do try to shoot for things that aren’t fried or cooked with oil, and things that I think are lower sodium options like fajitas at the authentic Mexican place we eat at from time to time. I get it without the creamy toppings and without cheese or cheese sauce. I munch lightly on the chips and salsa cause I know they are high in sodium. I mostly eat the filler (the onions, peppers, chicken and a little plain rice) with two small tortillas. So I try.

Sorry for writing a booklet here, probably too much info but wanted you to know you’re not alone in the struggle of watching others while also trying to keep yourself in check