Stress , Anxiety and Diabetes


Hi , it’s me again.

I don’t know if I have mentioned I have an Anxiety disorder. But I had a panic attack at work and was really stressed out and my suger level when I got home has been the highest that it has been sense I have been put on medication.

It’s at 228.

I was going to exersise but I really don’t feel well , my chest is bothering me a lot. I was wondering if this happens to anybody else?


" Stress will cause your blood sugar to be high. Even if you do everything else exactly right stress can raise those numbers. It also raises your blood pressure which isn’t good for your heart either.

Take it from me… I’m 40 and just had a heart attack a week ago. If you experience panic attacks or high levels of anxiety you need to talk to your doctor about it. There are medications you can take if needed.

Don’t exercise if you’re not feeling right and your chest hurts. I know this was posted earlier this month but for anyone reading this… No matter your age… If you’re a woman you need to know our heart attack symptoms can be totally different.

I hope you’re feeling better now, hope you’ve seen your doctor and hope you’ve gotten your numbers down. "