Sub-dermal Scar Tissue


I have had Type One Diabetes for nine years now, and 9/10 of my NovoRapid injections are injected in my lower belly. I try to alternate sides, but as a right handed person, most are injected in to the right side of my belly button. I don’t change my needles all that often. I do my night injections, of SoloStar, on the inside of my thigh which has faced the same problem as my belly.

Because of all this, I have developed sub-dermal scar tissue that is quite obvious when I am wearing tight tops or low trousers, as opposed to high waisted jeans, which hide the lumps.

I am now consciously trying to inject in the other sides, but does anyone know any ways to get rid of these hideous lumps?

Thank you.


I had mine removed from stomach and thighs via plastic surgery 25yrs ago but they came back! There’s no other effective removal technique. SO hard to use one’s bum - I find it hurts more and is v inconvenient if you are in a restaurant, on a train etc. Solution: use ‘magic’ undies and wear a sarong on the beach…