Sudden numb toe


hi recently my toe went numb all of a sudden this happened after i was working long hour standing on my foot and was wearing steel toe caps and both my foots would become swollen becuase of the hours of standing and walking at work then all sudden my left small toe became numb and its been like that since feb this year can numbness go away or is it always permanent


You don’t say what diabetes you have ( if any) ,for how long or what age you are. ( or what possible medication you are on
I am T2 for 15+ years , 65 , Both my feet can be fuzzy for long periods BUT I still pass the diabetic " touch with a nylon whisker " tests for feeling. The fuzziness varies with the time of the year , the weather , my mood ( and possibly blood sugar levels which are getting under better control ( HbA1c ca 7.5). If the numbness is sufficient to fail the touch test beware of an possible injury.PLenty of general advice on this forum for that.
Standing , working in tight shoes , all can give you numb or painful feet.( Particulalry when you get older I may say!) Concentrate on getting comfortable footware.This is possible even with steel toecaps which I use in the garden.


Ah I have the same problem. Type 1 diabetic for nearly 16 years and in a Job where I’m stood up all day, my control has been getting worse altho I’ve always been insulin resistant so its never been overly great anyway, but my left foot has started to go numb after the swelling too. Quite worrying! I’ve been told once the feeling has gone, its gone for good but to try stop the numb area from getting larger by trying to keep your bloods level, well that’s impossible for me, so getting rather worried it will spread more.