T2 diabetes - Highs and Lows?


Was diagnosed T2 in January. Was wondering, does a T2 person, taking Metformin 500mg once daily, and eating a very healthy diet, still experience low blood glucose episodes? Or do T2 people tend to only get high blood glucose spikes? I also suffer from depression, so I can’t tell if my low/cranky mood is diabetes related.


You could be experiencing hypoglycemia when your numbers dip low. For me I’m the opposite; hyperglycemic. Cranky mood could be diabetes related that’s for sure. Swings in blood sugar causes swings in mood for most. Did you change your eating habits the same time you were put on metformin? If so you might talk to your dr. about trying a month without your metformin but keeping your very healthy eating habits. See how your numbers do. You may have just been borderline and may be able to control it (for now) with your eating habits and exercise.