What symptoms are life threatening for a Type 2 Diabetic


Hi, i am new to this website and this forum. I have a very specific question which i cant find the answer to given the time i have.

My father got diagnosed with diabetes sometime in 1995-1998, i believe its type 2 he doesnt need insulin, constantly avoids any sugars. So today 2/18/2015 i get a call from relatives. My father was almost kidnapped at gunpoint but was rescued by a local shop owner that was armed. note: my father got diabetes immediatly after a car accident that put him in a big scare.

This is the 2nd big scare in his life, Is there anything i should watch out for? any symptoms? drinking/eating anything in this type of situation? Anybody has any tips regarding our situation? Please help and sorry if im breaking any forum rules. I am scared and in a hurry.


Sorry this has your Dad. He may been diagnosed with diabetes at the time of the accident, and stress does play some part in diabetes . . . but you get diabetes by eating too many carbohydrates.

You father will probably be alright. Just get a meter, and he should have one, and test and see what his blood sugars are. I’m sure others will be along shortly.

We are not doctors and cannot give medical advice.