What was your first complication of diabetes?


I went to the eye doctor last week and he told me i had the beginnings of nonproliferative diabetic retinopathy. i was floored, as ive only been type 1 for about four years, and aside from the last 6 months with a1cs of 7.3 and 7.1, ive always been in the 5s and 6s.

of course, i immediately googled this complication and it seems that it is common and doesnt necessarily mean that it will progress to complete blindness, etc.

so, i just was curious, what was your first complication? when did it appear? what had your a1cs been like? have you been able to slow/stop progress of said complication?

i was at my doc in june for the results of my last a1c-down to 7.1 from 7.3 in march-not great. i said to her that i wished i was still as scared as i had been at the very beginning, that it was much easier when i was absolutely sh*tting myself. well, now im that scared again!


i have one retinopathic dot, way off the macula, which is good. It got picked up 2 years ago at LensCrafters (I’d blown off an official eye doc for years, as they did retina scans there, that were negative). I asked the doc what they’d do and she said nothing so I went to a doc last year. This year, she said it was unchanged. This was like 29 years in. A1Cs were unknown or irregular 1984-2000ish, 5.8 when I went in the first time, middling 6s and then spiked up to 7.2 and 7.7 when I started working out. Then I got a pump in 2008 and they were 5.8, dropped to 5.2-5.4 with the SofSensor “harpoons” and then 5.0-5.1 when I switched to Enlites and, most recently 4.9. I totally understand being scared!