Where to put a pump as a woman?


I was diagnosed with T1DM a year ago and my consultant thinks I should go on a pump. Medically, I know this would be the best thing for my diabetes but what I’m struggling with is where on earth to keep it! My consultant thinks I should get the medtronic 640g for its auto suspend function but it’s really really bulky…

Please don’t judge me for being shallow but I’m 26 and it’s taken a little while to feel comfortable in my own skin, so I’m fairly concerned about how I’ll look hooked to a pump. I already have a libre sensor, which I hate wearing enough as it is but at least when it’s on the back of my arm I can’t see it.

Also, practically speaking, I don’t know where I’d keep it as I usually wear dresses for work so no handy waist belt to clip it on. I’ve seen some women keep it in their bra but I’m not exactly ample chested so I’m not sure it would fit. Then I’m a fairly busy junior doctor running around hospital all day so it would preferably need to be fairly accessible.

I would greatly appreciate any advice or words of wisdom you ladies could offer me.


I understand your concerns and shared them.
As you say, many women use their bras but I would be very lopsided if I did that. Waist belts hide the pump from immediate view but the bump is still visible.
I am usually a trouser wearer and end up clipping my pump to my belt or wearing baggy trousers so I can put it in my pocket.
When I wear a dress, I wear it in a garter holding the pump on my inner thigh (a try not to waddle as I walk). This works and does not affect the lie of my dress. However, it is not very easy to access with a long dress: I have started to wear slightly shorter dresses that I can slip up a little under the table when I eat.

Being a slim woman, I have not found a way to conveniently hide the bulge of my pump.
However, I would not give it back. My control is much better, I have less hypos, exercise is much much easier, … I have had to put my shallow vanity on the back burner in favour of my health. That said, very few people comment on my pump: I think I am far more conscious of it than anyone else.


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