Why have I suddenly become so insulin sensitive?


I was diagnosed with type 2 three years ago and put on insulin. It has been a struggle, mostly unsuccessful, to lower my glucose. But in the last few weeks I have suddenly become so sensitive to insulin I am going into insulin shock almost every day. I have to keep taking less and less insulin and eat more to prevent hypoglycemia. My activity level has not gone up nor have I been sick or injured. No change in meds. My stress level, however, is rising all the time because of my mother’s dementia. What could cause a sudden rise in insulin sensitivity? I’m seeing the doctor next week but some knowledge now might make the wait easier.


Oh the joys of being diabetic! <she says, sarcastically>

Our bodies are so individual, and react so individually. For some people, stress makes their numbers go into the stratosphere; yet for others, stress actually makes their numbers go down. If your body responds to stress by tensing all your muscles, it’s actually doing a weird form of “exercise” which can cause you to go low.

You may need to reduce your basal insulin, or your bolus insulin doses, or both. Also, keep a record of what times of the day you typically go low, and any connections to those times (after meals, before bedtime, before breakfast, etc.) and see if there’s any pattern. Hopefully your doctor will help you work out a better regimen re the insulin doses.

And…sorry to hear about your mother’s dementia. That’s a tough illness to deal with - for all parties concerned - but don’t forget to take care of yourself, too.