Worried about my eyes


My retinal screening tets have always been fine although I’m overdue for one now. My eyes have been very slightly blurred for a while but I’m overdue for an eye test so put it down to that. But over the last couple of weeks they’ve suddenly got worse, it seems as my glucose levels have gone down the blurriness has got worse.

When I started reading the book I’m on now I was reading without my reading glasses even though the print is quite small. Then I had to start wearing my glasses and over the last few nights it’s been getting more blurry until I’m now having difficulty reading it at all. And yesterday i had to start wearing reading glasses when using laptop, never had to do that before.
It’s happening very quick and I’ve just found something saying that if glucose levels drop fast retinopathy can deteriorate.

I’m going to be having the screening soon but I’m sitting here in the early hours scared that the high levels I’ve had over the last year or so have damaged my eyes and I’m dreading the test results coming back.
By the way, my Mum had diabetes and glaucoma.


get your tests for retinopathy, but it may just be your eye lens adjusting to lower BG, buy cheap readers till they settle down and then buy prescription ones